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Altriset is a new reduced-risk non-repellent termiticide that provides quick and effective control of drywood termites with minimal impact on the environment.

Altriset will elminate termite colonies, plus leave a lasting protection for your home or business. Once termites come into contact with Altriset, their ability to chew on wood is halted within hours, ultimately resulting in death. The product is slowly passed throughout the colony by touch and contact spreading from termite to termite to eliminate the entire colony. Altriset’s new class of chemistry provides a high-performing and long-lasting residual termite control product that is environmentally friendly to humans and animals. In addition to requiring no signal word on the label, ¬†Altriset Termiticide is the first and only liquid termiticide to be classified as reduced-risk under the U.S. EPA reduced-risk program: Altriset requires no special safety equipment to be worn by the applicator.



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